On this page you can download lyrics and musical scores for each of Chas’s Christian songs, along with an indication of whether the songs are suitable for individual or group use.

The lyrics and scores are in PDF format and require the Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Song title
Individual / Group Use
A Godly Eye
Action Group
All Our Praise Group
An Innocent Man Group
Another’s Side Score Group response
Ask Score Group
Believing Individual
But You Love Me Individual
Can You See? Group
Christmas Means God Cares Individual
Come as We Are Group
Come Sing … Holy Group
Connect With God Individual
Deep Calling Deep Group
For You Are Loved Individual
Get Ready for His Call Group
Go Where We See Your Way Group
God Brings Peace Group
God is Love Individual
God of Dawn and Daybreak Group
God of My Life Group
God’s Been There Before Group
God’s Limitless Individual
Going Nowhere without God Group
Golgotha Individual
Good Seed Group
Grace Is Group
Hands Group
Hear Your People Lyrics Score Group
Heavenly Run Individual
His Love Is In Us Group
Go Where We See Your Way Group
House of Worship Group
I Come To You Group
I Was Wrong Individual
Jesus is the Difference Individual
Jesus Open My Eyes Group
Jonah Individual
Leave My Gold Group
Let Go Of Hate Individual
Let Your Word Spread Group
Lift Them Up Group
Listening Now Score Individual
Little Babe Group
Lonely Individual
Love and Grace Group
Make Me, Lord, A Dreamer Group
Move on to the Promised Land Group
Mystery Group
Oceans Of Love Group
Oh God You are Great Group
Paint The Picture Group
Pentecost Group
Possessions Group
Praise Group
Pray Group
Prayer For Vision Group
Prayerful Praise Group
Prodigal Son
Psalm 23 Group
Receive God’s Love Individual
Reckon Individual
Remember Him Group
Restoration Group
Safe Group
Set Me Free Individual
Speak to Me Group
Speak to Me, Lord Group
Special Group
Stranger No More Group
Strength Above All Fear Group
Tempted Group
The Miracle of New Life Group
The Spirit of God Group
Thin Places of God Group
Thomas Group
Took Her Little Hand Group
Turn Around Group
Walking Here with You Group
We Can Be Hands for Jesus Group
Wedding Banquet Group
Welcome Group
Who Is My Neighbour? Group
Wonderful Caring God Group
You are the Life Group
You Pick My Life Up Group
Your Cure Group
Your Will Group
You’re on My Side Individual
Zacchaeus Group